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COWON S9 uses BBE+, the state-of-the-art sound effect that is delicate yet powerful It consists of upgraded BBE. Mach3Bass. 3D Surround, and MP Enhance BBE+ has been optimized for portable devices and produces a more natural sound by refining the sound to a comfortable and pleasant level.


Product Description


Aspiring to the Top

It is a joy to be able to enjoy music and videos anytime, anywhere. Now. we wish for you to continue this joy with outstanding sound and video quality. We present you with a multimedia player that combines a ground-breaking video quality and possibly the best sounding audio quality, it is the top of the line player for today's market.

Display the Dreams 16-Million-colours, 16-Million-visions

With COWON S9's AMOLED display with 16 million vibrant colors, seeing is believing. Various videos as well as other visual contents such as pictures and flash games are delivered for your visual enjoyment in the most realistic and clearest colors possible.

AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode)

AMOLED's outstanding color realization along with its self-light-emission gives COWON S9 excellent visibility in outdoors, and its quick response and power-saving technology are ideal for a portable device.

  • SLIM The Thinnest Display
    By using organic substances which emit light by themselves, AMOLED does not require backlight. It is the thinnest display available.
  • FREE Unlimited Viewing Angle
    On conventional displays, the colors or the brightness vary when viewing from the sides. With AMOLED, the display surface itself emits light, producing consistent colors at various angles.
  • NATURAL Life-like Colors
    Unlike conventional displays which are dependent on the backlight, AMOLED's organic substances produce clear colors on images both bright and dark. It boasts over 10,000:1 contrast ratio, far greater than conventional TFT LCDs.
  • FAST Clear Images with Quick Response (1.000 x greater than LCD)
    With AMOLED. the speed of converting electric signals to images is about a thousand times faster than conventional displays, leaving no afterimages during video displays. AMOLED provides highly natural display quality when displaying videos of rapid movements as in sports and movies, and the viewer experiences less eye fatigue than with conventional displays when watching a video for an extended period of time.


The Ultimate Sound Experience (JetEffect 3.0 - BBE+)

S9 uses BBE+, the state-of-the-art sound effect that is delicate yet powerful It consists of upgraded BBE. Mach3Bass. 3D Surround, and MP Enhance BBE+ has been optimized for portable devices and produces a more natural sound by refining the sound to a comfortable and pleasant level. Now. immerse yourself in a realistic sound that is one step closer to the original.

Through delicate tuning based on BBE+, EQ. STE and Reverb. COWON S9 provides an ultimate sound experience with EQ presets such as BBE ViVA. BBE Headphone. Hip Hop. Maestro. Reverb Hall. etc. It also comes with JetEffect 3.0 which supports fully customizable, user-defined presets. Furthermore, delicate hardware calibration provides balanced, high quality default (normal) EQ and a variety of rich sounds, fulfilling most delicate of musical preferences

New All Around Intuitive Control

A true user interface must be enjoyable in its use with convenience at its root. COWON S9's new concept interface provides more information with greater efficiency and is customizable to the optimal user preference. It has been designed with the consideration for the movement of fingers when holding the product and touching the icons.

  • Zoom User Interface
    COWON S9 comes with a new concept interface that allows you to continuously and delicately zoom in and out of lists, album arts, pictures, and texts.
  • Capacitive Touchscreen
    The touchscreen that quickly recognizes the smooth touch of a finger makes for more intuitive control. The visual feedback of ripple mark and the aural feedback of the touch tone maximize the ease of use.
  • Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass
    The scratch-proof front tempered glass enhances COWON S9's durability while displaying clear images with high transmittance.
  • Free Scale TrueType Font
    The free-scale TrueType fonts create the basis for clear visibility and a beautiful GUI. putting out clear texts undistorted by the free zooming of the zoom interface.
  • Simple Finger Gesture Recognition
    With gesture recognition that responds to the up/down and left/right dragging on the screen, you can quickly change between items with few steps.


Greater Freedom Uncluttered Freedom with Bluetooth

COWON S9's built-in Bluetooth capability helps you enjoy all the multimedia files without the clutter of wires. This short-range wireless communication technology frees you from the frustration of wire catching on objects and getting plugged out from the frequent contact in crowded places like subway stations. More freedom for greater convenience.

COWON S9 Brings You The Ultimate Multimedia Performance

With stronger Codec capability and Dual Core CPU, the capacity for playback has reached virtually incomprehensible depths. COWON S9's ultimate sound and display enables you to enjoy any multimedia contents in the finest of qualities.

Swept Away by AMOLED Hyper-Realistic Immersion

Powerful codec support with Xvid and WMV optimizes the AMOLED display. S9's 16 million colors on a 3.3" wide screen bring you life-like images that are vivid and natural

Pick & Choose

View only what you want with video preview thumbnails. Small thumbnail clips next to the playback time make it easier to search through long movies or to search for the section you wish to see.

Tilt It Just the Way You Like It

COWON S9's gravity sensor responds to the tilting of the unit. Tilt your S9 for a more pleasant viewing environment as you watch it unfold on the wide screen.

The sound that takes your breath away with Delicacy and Realism Top Sound for the Top Unit

Come experience the pinnacle of sound with COWON S9. S9 will show you the meaning of true sound. With the world's first built-in BBE+ sound effect technology. S9 brings the musical value of MP3 players to the next level. The exquisite union between the delicate resolution of the high frequencies and the dynamic force of the low frequencies is ready to be encountered. Not only that, a host of convenient features through many channels create an optimal environment for your musical enjoyment.

Distortion-Free Zooming Rediscover Your Picture & Document Viewers

Pictures: COWON S9's display has the kind of difference that can hardly be emphasized enough. Not only does the clarity that delivers natural colors make your pictures more vivid and splendid, but the vertical/horizontal screen conversion with the G-Sensor and the extravagant display through the Analog Zoom IrVOut add to your enjoyment.

Documents: With TrueType fonts and zooming, you can instantly and delicately change the size of the screen in a continuous motion to provide yourself with the optimal reading environment. The page turning and background setting features maximize convenience and you can optimize the device to suit your preferences.

Digital Meets Analog Control at Your Fingertips

COWON S9's FM radio combines the fun of the analog with the accuracy and convenience of the digital. Lightly touch the realistic jog dial and enjoy yourself as you turn to the frequency you desire. With up to 24 presets, you can quickly and easily find the channel you want. You can also record it in the internal memory.

Never Miss a Precious Moment Again Voice & Line-In Recording

Have an important meeting? A special occasion? Attending a one-in-a-million lecture? With COWON S9's voice recording feature, you can freely choose the sound quality you want and seize those precious moments.

* Line-in cables are sold separately.

Unlimited Applicability Flash Player

COWON S9's Flash support enhances its dynamic applicability. With a variety of Flash contents, games, and various utilities at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

Energy Scrooge

COWON S9 boasts up to 55 hours of music playback, up to 11 hours of continuous video playback, and up to 350 hours of continuous stand-by sleep mode. You can wake your S9 from the sleep mode in a second.


With the TV-OUT feature, you can now connect your COWON S9 to a TV and go big.

* TV-OUT cables are sold separately.

Other Features

  • Audible Compatible
    Enjoy audiobooks with COWON S9! Audible offers over 60,000 titles, including best-selling audiobooks, new releases radio shows, audio newspapers & magazines and more.
  • COWON MediaCenter-JetAudio - Evolution of World-Renowned JetAudio
    Enhance your COWON S9 experience with COWON MediaCenter-JetAudio, your one stop for perfect multimedia features and powerful device management features that allow you to freely convert and edit
  • Utilities - Practical Makes Perfect
    S9 includes a calculator feature that can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • User Fonts - In the Mood for a Change?
    You can freely use user fonts to your preference with COWON S9 Go ahead and choose something that will suit your mood
  • Convenience Maximized
    COWON S9 includes many convenient settings such as playback speed alarm, and touch tones. Make the COWON S9 your own with unique and detailed user-oriented settings
  • Auto-Lyrics
    With 200,000+ DB, you will never again be lost for words while you enjoy your music.
  • Greater Compatibility
    COWON S9 can be used on Windows as well as Macintosh and Linux





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Additional Information

Box Contents COWON S9 Media Player
USB Cable
Manual CD
Quick Guide
Manufacturer Model Number (MMN) No
Body Net Weight (Gram) 77
Shipping Weight (Gram) 450.0000
Dimension (mm) 57 x 105.8 x 12.7
Colors N/A
Warranty Type Authorized Hong Kong Local
Warranty HK 12-Month
Operating Systems No
Language No
RAM 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB
Screen Touchscreen
Screen Color 16M Color (AMOLED)
Screen Size (Inch) 3.3
Screen Resolution (px) 480 x 272
Movie Player
File Format AVI, WMV, ASF
Video Codec Xvid SP/ASP, WMV 7/8/9, DivX 3/4/5
Video Resolution 480x272, 30 fps (recommended)
Audio Codec MPEG1 Layer 1/2/3, WMA
Subtitle SMI
AV Out Composite, Stereo, NTSC / PAL
Music Player
Audio Codec MP3 MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, ~320kbps, ~48KHz, Mono/Stereo
  WMA ~320kbps, ~48KHz, Mono/Stereo
  OGG ~Q10, ~44.1KHz, Mono/Stereo
  FLAC Compression Level 0 ~ 8, ~44.1KHz, Mono/Stereo
  WAV ~48KHz, 16bit, Mono/Stereo
  APE Fast, Normal, High 16bit, Version 3.97 ~ 3.99
META TAG ID3 V1, ID3 V2.2/V2.3/V2.4, Borbis Comment, MP4 Tag
JetEffect 3.0 39 Presets (35 Presets + 4 User Presets)
EQ 5 Band, EQ Filter
BBE+ BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, 3D Surround
Special Effect Stereo Enhance, Reverb
Lyrics LDB 1.0, 2.0
Photo Viewer JPG (Unlimited File Size, Max 1 Mega Pixel)
Other Supported File TXT (Unlimited File Size, UTF-8 Unicode (Big Endian) Format Excluded)
Recording Built-in Microphone and Line-in Recording
Frequency Response (Hz) 20 - 20K
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 95dB
Impedance (Ω) 16
Output Power 29mW + 29mW
External Memory Slot No
Powering Buildin Rechargeable Battery
Estimated Charging Time (Hour) N/A
Max. Operation Time (Hour) 11 (Movie), 55 (Music)
Interface USB
Bluetooth Version 2.0
Bluetooth Profile Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
Additional Features 3.5mm Headphone Jack, FM Radio
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